Nir de Volff teaches classes and conducts workshops for dancers, performers and actors worldwide. De Volff has been invited to Holland, Portugal, Thailand, Israel, Belgium, Italy, USA, Denmark, France, Singapore, Spain, Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Polland and Germany.

In the last few years De Volff's developed the USE-ABUSE method. A method, that explore our somatic structure and its harmonic-disharmony relation to our breathing system.

USE-ABUSE focus on somatic areas which we attend to often ignore and asks to bring them alive.The method aimed to research for harmonized coordination between the body and the emotional system of dancers, actors and performers.„Use-Abuse“ leads the body and the mind to search for(a honest) connection between the three elements:nervous system, breathing respiratory system and mind. As more as we discover the hidden spaces in the body that are not „breathing“ the more life we breathe into them to bring them alive and define further the identity of our living body.

De Volff's method stimulating freedom and honesty in the bodies of the individual. It demands to neglect self judgement.While this method was designed to find greater range within a physical practice, through the participants exploration of this technique other byproducts may appear, whether that be social, political or therapeutic.

USE-ABUSE has been invited to prestige dance center around the world. De Volff’s style offers new dimension for movements, new exploration of the body „as we know it“. The method, the search for a total freedom of the muscles, leads dancers to a new physical sensational and expand their borders. It alouds creativity to be daily explored in the studio with the notion of leaving behind limitations and (bad) habbits.The method fits all kind of body-type of both professional or none professional and open new channels in the body and the mind of the participants.The class develops itself into hight level of energy with the TOTAL BRUTAL's movements style.


TQW- Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna

SEAD academy, Salzburg

TISCH University of art, New York

La Biennale di Venezia (2014 & 2015), Venice

Central studios, Tokyo

Le Centqautre art center, Paris

Palace of Culture, Warsaw

Dansehallerne Copenhagen Denmark 

Sala de Madera theater, Frinje festival, Madrid

Teatro Kamikaze, Madrid

Haceria theater, Bilbao

Sodsai center for dramatic Arts University, Bangkok  

La Raffinerie, Charleroi Danses Brussels

ProArt festival, Prauge

Rotterdam art academy, Holland

HJS open class center, Amsterdam

S.N.D.O school for new develop, Amsterdam

Tilburg dance academy, Holland

International dance center TSEKH, Moscow 

SESC Pihneiros Theater, Sao Paulo

Jewish cultural center, Sao Paulo  

Neomi Perlov- "המסלול" Tel Aviv  

Goethe Institute Lisbon (Workshop)

Patravadi Theater,Bangkok

Bat Sheva Ensemble,Tel Aviv

Bolzano stadttheater, Italy

Theater Ponec, Workshop and professional open class, Prague

Seatel and Atlanta USA, Workshop


Hellerau theater, Dresden

Tanze schmeide Studio, Dresden

Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf 

ProfiTraining Leipzig

Oper Frankfurt, Frankfurt am main

Tankfaktur, Köln

Kampnagel Theater, Hamburg

CDHS academy, Hamburg

Constanza macras/Dorky park

Marameo dance studio, Berlin

Tanz Fabrik, Berlin

Dock11 studio, Berlin

Oldenburg StadtTheaater  

Dammstadt Stadttheater

Kassel Stadttheater